Money This time of the year is always hard on any family yet alone a blended family as far as money is concerned.  Yet, it is important to talk about and it’s usually the second thing most blended families argue about the most. The first thing is about the kids, the second is money andContinue reading “Money”


Therapy is another word for counseling; the two words mean the same thing. I know most people think therapy/counseling is for people with a lot of problems, but that is not true. Therapy is for everyone who needs it. Did you know that over 65 percent of Americans are step related and that there areContinue reading “Therapy”

Another Year, Another Birthday

Tonight, I sit here sad, down, depressed because another birthday has gone by where I can’t be a part of and I just feel broken inside that I am not allowed to help celebrate another year.  It’s so hard to sit here at home wishing I was there to help celebrate with them. I feelContinue reading “Another Year, Another Birthday”

Document Everything!

If you have an ex-spouse that is difficult and is a court acholic (meaning takes you to court over every little thing) you need to document everything.  You need to protect yourself and protect your custody arrangements. Having everything in writing is better so that there is proof in case you ever need it inContinue reading “Document Everything!”

Things to Avoid

When you become a stepmom it is hard to know how to treat your stepchildren. Sometimes it can be very stressful. There are certain things though that should never be said or done no matter what because it leaves permanent scars that every stepchild will remember forever.  Try to always keep the relationship positive andContinue reading “Things to Avoid”

How to Talk to Him

Do you ever notice how our husbands get so defensive when we have a question or discussion about their children? Then all of a sudden it’s an all-out war? Did you ever take the time to think about how you might approach the question or discussion differently? My husband and I have gotten into manyContinue reading “How to Talk to Him”

Guilt Parenting

(Collins 2004) Guilt Parenting can also be called Guilt Father Syndrome where the Father feels guilty about the divorce and feeling bad for what his children may be going through.  It’s much worse for a Father if he was the one that filed for the divorce.  The most pain the Father feels after a divorceContinue reading “Guilt Parenting”

Being a Stepmom

When we were a little girl, playing with our dolls or barbies, we didn’t think to ourselves “When I get older I want to become a Stepmom and take care of children who hate me for marrying their Dad”.  We often thought that we would marry a Prince and that we would have two childrenContinue reading “Being a Stepmom”

Chosen Love

A chosen love is a special love that you develop over time with your stepchildren.  It’s not like the love you have for your biological children, but it doesn’t make it any less strong.  Because let’s face it falling in love with our husband was easy, but loving children that we didn’t give birth toContinue reading “Chosen Love”