Being Thankful

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which makes some people think about what they are thankful for.  I see it every year on Facebook everyone posting each day one thing they are thankful for all the way up to Thanksgiving Day.  So I thought about it and decided to write down 100 things I am thankful for. I hope you enjoy my list and create your own list because everyone can at least think of one thing in their life to be thankful for.
  1. For God – Loving me & forgiving me when I mess up
  2. My Husband – He is so wonderful in so many countless ways, he completes my life
  3. My Children & Stepchildren – I love all of them, they are the best kids, I could ask for and each one of them is unique
  4. My Parents – They both have my back and are there for me whenever I need them
  5. My Extended Family – They are wonderful and a lot of fun to be around, they are just a phone call away if I need them
  6. My Best Friend – She’s “my person” that I can turn to for everything and anything, she never judges me and accepts me for who I am
  7. All of my other Friends – They always seem to be make me laugh and are there when I need them to be
  8. My house – Glad I live in a safe city to raise my children in and a big enough house for all of my children to live in
  9. My Job – Thankful to have a somewhat stable income to help support our family. It’s great to be my own boss and work from home
  10. My husband’s job – Glad he is able to be there for so long and that he’s great at what he does
  11. For this Blog – To be able to encourage, uplift and support other stepmoms
  12. Stepmom groups on Facebook have been really great and supportive and always able to give great advice
  13. My New Church – Glad I found it when I did, thankful for the Pastor
  14. My Cats – Just love my two cats, even though I am allergic, they always comfort me when I am crying and upset
  15. Massages – Love it when I am able to get one
  16. Stitch Fix – Just love getting new clothes every now and then, it’s like Christmas when I get a new box in the mail
  17. Hawaii – Love the Island, glad I got to go there, hope to retire there one day
  18. My husband’s ex-wife – If it weren’t for her messing up in the marriage, I wouldn’t be with my wonderful husband. Also glad she gave birth to two great kids, that I have grown to love
  19. Seafood – Just love it and can’t get enough of it
  20. X-Box – Because it keeps my kids busy and happy
  21. Smart Phones – Because you can do everything on it, they are like mini computers
  22. Computers – Because you can create anything with them
  23. Heated Throw Blankets – Because they keep me warm
  24. Heated mattress covers
  25. Heated blankets for my bed
  26. YouVersion – So I can read the bible on my phone whenever I want to
  27. Oceans – Love walking along them and hearing the powerful waves crashing against the shore
  28. Guitars – They make such beautiful music
  29. Music – Because it really helps me get through things and relaxes me
  30. Ipods – Love being able to have a playlist with all of my favorite music on it
  31. U2 – Because they are the best band ever
  32. Summer – Love it, but wish it was all year long instead of only 3 months during the year
  33. My Pool – Just love laying on a raft in my pool, listening to music and feeling the warm sun

  34. Chocolate – Just can’t get enough of it
  35. My hairdresser – he does such an amazing job on my hair and makes me look great
  36. Sailboats – Just love sailing, it’s so relaxing and so romantic, and peaceful
  37. Facebook – It allows me to keep in touch with family and friends
  38. Camping – Love making childhood memories with my kids
  39. Cedar Point – I just love riding the roller coasters there
  40. Flowers – Just love yellow roses they are the most fragrant rose
  41. Kalahari – Love taking my kids there, it’s the best indoor waterpark ever
  42. Crockpots – Making dinner is easy with them
  43. Bacon – Just can’t get enough of bacon
  44. Wine – sweet wine is the best
  45. Pepsi – Even though it’s bad for me, I love it
  46. Blowdryer & flat Iron – Because I love my hair straight more than my natural curl
  47. Café Mocha – Especially at Starbucks, it’s the best
  48. Makeup – It hides all of my freckles and sun spots on my face
  49. Express Store – It has my favorite jeans
  50. Stepmom books – such as the Smart Stepmom, it really helps me with my step parenting skills
  51. Google – It helps me with all of my stupid questions LOL
  52. Bath & Body Store – Love smelling good with their lotions
  53. Scentsy – Makes my house smell great.
  54. Glade & Airwick Automatic Sprays – Takes the poopy smell out from the daycare

  55. Warm Weather we have been getting lately
  56. Fall colors, love the many colors of the leaves
  57. Pinterest – Helps me with crafts, recipes and so much more
  58. Daycare Provider group on Facebook – helps me with giving me advice when I need it
  59. Daycare Parents – if it weren’t for them I would be broke and I just love their kids
  60. Daycare Kids – They bring joy to my life
  61. Bike – Love going for bike rides
  62. Candles – Love the smell of the house when they a burning
  63. Café Carmel K-cups – they taste so good
  64. Keurig Machine – makes the best coffee and tea
  65. Candy – My favorites are Hot Tamales, Mike & Ikes, Strawberry Nerds, Lemonheads
  66. Nap Time – Love my free time
  67. Me Time – Love to just go away by myself sometimes
  68. Pedicures
  69. A Quiet House – which rarely happens, but thankful when it does
  70. Pumpkin Pie
  71. Brownie Sundaes with caramel
  72. Cinnamon Orbit Gum – My favorite gum
  73. Thai Food – Love my Red Curry Chicken
  74. Roma’s Restaurant – Has the best Pizza ever
  75. Pizza

  76. Girls Night Out – Any time I get to spend with my friends
  77. Coffee dates with my best friend
  78. Date Nights with my husband
  79. Proactive – best stuff for my acne
  80. My Camera – Love taking pictures
  81. Camera on my phone – takes really nice pictures
  82. Asics Tennis Shoes – They are so comfortable and very supportive for my feet
  83. Chiropractors – they make my back like brand new
  84. Salt Water Taffy – So delicious
  85. Motrin 800 or any pain reliever
  86. 5 Hour Energy Shots – Sometimes you just need one to get through the morning
  87. Tums, Zantek, and Gas-X – To help with Thai food
  88. Chlorox Wipes – They keep my kitchen counters clean and free of germs
  89. Photographers
  90. Victoria Secret
  91. My Divorces
  92. Child Support
  93. Google play store – For games
  94. Chase quick check deposit on my phone, love it
  95. eBay – Found some really great deals for everything
  96. Samsung Milk Music app – They play a good variety of music
  97. Tip app – because I still don’t know how to figure out tips
  98. Olive Garden – Just love their breadsticks, soups and dipping sauces
  99. Movie Ticket app – To buy movie tickets in advance
  100. Fashion Scarves – I love to wear them in the fall/winter.

Please share with me your five things of what you are thankful for this year?

Published by Michelle T

Stepmom for 19 years overall, married for 10 years. I have three of my own children and three stepchildren who are adults now.

22 thoughts on “Being Thankful

  1. Even if life is filled with challenges, when you think about the things that you have you realize that you're also very blessed and there's really a lot to be thankful for. I love that you sat down and made this list, I'm sure you felt elated after because of the many blessings that you and your family have!


  2. Wow, that's a long list!My 5 things:1. Having a job/being able to support myself2. (really 1B) having my own apartment (a roof over my head) and food on my table.3. My family and friends4. My boyfriend5. Being healthy, for the most part, and happy.


  3. I am thankful that I have you to listen to me every single day. You the only one that I feel comfortable enough to complain too. I nearly snorted when you put Stitch Fix. My we have had fun this year with that. I am thankful that God sent me you just when I needed you!


  4. My faith with GodMy hubbyMy familyThe wonderful life I liveMy healthGreat post. I am thankful for so much but I would have to really think to find 100 things. I loved your list.


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