Every family with children should have age appropriate chores for the children to do. Chores teaches them responsibility and how to take care of things.  It will show the children that they belong in the family. It also teaches them that when belonging in a family that everyone needs to share the work load ofContinue reading “Chores”

House Rules

When you get married or come together in a home. House rules need to be established along with consequences in case rules are broken.  It’s very important to have rules in a house because it provides all of the children with structure and teaches them respect and responsibility for their actions. Children with rules inContinue reading “House Rules”

What to Expect when Expecting StepChildren

When you are dating a man with children, at first, it seems easy, however as soon as you get married things change drastically.  I have to say the first year is like being on a rollercoaster full of ups and downs. After you reach the five-year mark things start to blend nicely and settle down,Continue reading “What to Expect when Expecting StepChildren”

Fun with your Children

When is the last time you turned off all electronics for a whole day and spent some family time with your children? After all, they are growing up fast. Before long they will be teenagers and won’t want to do much with their parents…meaning you.  I recently asked my children ages 10 and 12 whatContinue reading “Fun with your Children”

The Perfect Mom

There is no such thing as a Perfect Mom unless it is in the movie world.  I am not a perfect Stepmom! Are you surprised? Well to the biological mother, us Stepmoms are never perfect or the best Stepmom to their children. Yes, I admit I am not a perfect Stepmom but the stepchildren aren’tContinue reading “The Perfect Mom”

The Talk

When this New Year came, I decided that I wanted to try to reach out to my husband’s ex-wife who has been nothing but very difficult to deal with over the past seven years.  I knew her birthday was coming up and decided to get her a nice birthday card and a gift card toContinue reading “The Talk”

Valentine’s Day – Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday. I love the holiday because I am a romantic person at heart and also because I love being able to show the people that are in our lives how much they mean to us.  I also love decorating my house with hearts everywhere and making valentine crafts up withContinue reading “Valentine’s Day – Gift Ideas”