Fun with your Children

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When is the last time you turned off all electronics for a whole day and spent some family time with your children? After all, they are growing up fast. Before long they will be teenagers and won’t want to do much with their parents…meaning you. 
I recently asked my children ages 10 and 12 what they liked or remember the most growing up so far.  They both said going camping at Yogi Bear Campgrounds. They loved sleeping in tents and having camp fires at night and doing all of the activities at the campground.  They also love family game night where we play a family board or card game on either a Friday or Saturday night.
Enjoy the younger years while there’s still time with the children.  Now I’m sure you’re asking what I can do with them to have fun with them that doesn’t involve electronics. I’m glad you asked. There are several ideas that I have researched and put together to help give you some great starting points. Some of these ideas cost money and some are free.
36 Fun things to do with your Kids
  1. Play a board game such as: Apples to Apples
  2. Play a card game such as: Uno or Skip-bo
  3. Bake something together and have everyone help decorate it afterwards, from scratch, not from a box
  4. Water gun fight
  5. Nerf gun fight
  6. Hide in Seek
  7. Go Bowling
  8. Go Zip Lining
  9. Go Roller Skating or Ice Skating
  10. Go Paint a Ceramic together
  11. Put a 500 Piece Puzzle together
  12. Have a Bible Study together
  13. Build a Lego set together
  14. Cook a big meal together from scratch such as: Sweetish Meatballs
  15. Go do Laser Tag
  16. Go Bike Riding or Hiking at a Metro Park
  17. Canoeing or Kayaking (You can rent one if you don’t own one)
  18. Paint as a family – Buy some canvas’s and everyone create their own art
  19. Camping Trip w/out electronics
  20. Go to the Zoo or Art or Science Museum
  21. Rent a Hotel Room with a pool for the weekend to go swimming
  22. Apple Orchards
  23. Indoor Waterpark for example: Kalahari
  24. Picnic at a Park – Play games such as Tag while your there
  25. Go Fishing
  26. Sky Zone – Trampoline Indoor Park
  27. Home Improvement Project together as a family like paint the family room a new color
  28. Tour a local factory for example: Jiffy or Kellogg Factory
  29. Visit the Sand Dunes for the day, rent a jeep or walk the dunes for fun
  30. White Water Rafting
  31. Go Carting either indoor or outdoor
  32. Putt Golf
  33. Horseback Riding
  34. Rent a bounce house for the day
  35. Go play a game of Whirly ball, Volleyball or Tennis
  36. Skiing, Snowboarding or Sledding

Here are some more things I found to do just in the State of Michigan that I hope will help give you even more ideas on what to do with your children if you live in Michigan:

What other suggestions or things that you have done with your kids that don’t involve electronics?

Published by Michelle T

Stepmom for 19 years overall, married for 10 years. I have three of my own children and three stepchildren who are adults now.

13 thoughts on “Fun with your Children

  1. I think still having smaller kids makes me put down the phone pretty frequently and focus on them. We're about to spend a week with my parents in an area with lousy WiFi – can't wait!


  2. These are all such great ideas! We love playing UNO with our oldest. He is just getting to the age where he can really understand games. We also really like painting and coloring as a family.


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