Protect your Privacy on Facebook

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Do you have a Facebook profile? Do you have a husband whose ex-wife stalks you on Facebook? Or does that ex-wife have spies that are reporting your every move to the ex-wife? If you do, you’re not alone. This blog post is just for you. I am going to show you how you can make your Facebook profile more private to those outsiders, stalkers or spies.  First of all, you need to be on a computer in order to do a lot of these changes and modifications. Some of these you can’t make using your phone.

Check out Your Profile
View your profile as you would a stranger.  You can do this by going to your main screen of your profile by clicking on your name and then follow these instructions below:
1. Make sure you are on your Facebook wall. (You did this by clicking on your name)
2. On your cover photo, you will see Update Info and View Activity Log buttons, after it then you will see “…” Click on “…” (See Picture on left)
3. Then pull down menu will appear, choose “View as” from it. Then your profile will change into what a stranger (non-friend) would see when they go to your Facebook profile. Here you can see what is viewable to a stranger and what is not. If you have a lot that is viewable, I will show you how to make it more private. You can come back to this step after you are done with making all of the changes.

Newsfeed Posts
In order to make it more private to where only your Friends see it follow these steps:
1. Got to the top of your screen on the right corner (next to Your name and Home) there should be a “Lock” icon, click on it.  It is the last icon on the top menu of your profile.
2. Then select “Who can see my stuff” (See Picture on right)

3. Then you’ll see “Who can see my future posts?”
4. Make sure you select “Friends”. There is also an area there if you want to exclude certain friends from viewing your posts, you can specify that under the options area under the drop down menu.

After you are finished with that, from now on everything you post will only be viewable to your friends only.  Now if you want to hide past posts in your newsfeed, follow these next steps.

Past Newsfeed Posts
Follow these steps for each post you would like to hide.
1. On each post, you will see a “World Globe” icon. Which means everyone who has a Facebook account can view that post. (see Picture on right)

2. Click on the “Word Globe” icon, a drop down menu will appear click on “Friends”
Then repeat this step for every post you want to be more private.

To make your photos more private follow these steps:
1. Click on “Photos” from the main screen.
2. Click on “Albums”.
3. On each album, you’ll see a star or globe or people icon that is dimmed out on the bottom right corner of each album. You cannot change the privacy settings for the albums with a “*” on them but you can do all of the rest.
4. Click on that icon, which will then give you a drop down menu, click on the option you desire, which I would choose “Friends”. There is also a “More Options” area where you can specify exceptions to certain people to not view that photo album.
5. Repeat these steps for every photo album.
The only albums you cannot change are profile pictures, timeline photos, mobile photos and cover photos. For these albums, you can go into them and delete the old photos or move them into albums to make them more private. But leave your main profile and cover photo alone, if you do anything to that you will no longer have a profile or cover photo.
Another tip: If anyone tags you in a photo, try to remove the tag, because tagged pictures are viewable to strangers. So if you don’t want strangers to see that picture always remove the “the tag”.
After you completed all of this click on your name and go back to “view as” at the top and check and see if your photos are not viewable to strangers.

Cover & Profile Pictures
To make your cover and profile pictures in your timeline hidden follow these steps:
1. Go to your newsfeed, when you find an old profile or cover photo, there is an “arrow” icon click on it. (See Picture below)

2. Select from the Drop down menu “Hide from timeline”.
3. A box will then appear asking if you are sure you want to hide it. Click on “Hide”.

Now it’s hidden, do this for all of your cover and profile photos that are in your timeline/newsfeed. Keep in mind that the photos are not deleted, they are just hidden so strangers cannot view them.
If you see photos on the left and they are still viewable. These photos are your Profile or Cover photos. You can delete the old pictures or move them to other albums so they are not viewable to strangers. Until all you can view are your recent Profile and Cover photo.

Friends List
If you would like to hide your friends list to strangers or even to friends on your Facebook, following these steps:
1. Click on the “Friends” from your main screen. (See Picture below)

2. Then select “pencil icon” on the right corner. (See Picture below)

3. Then select “edit privacy”
4. A pop down menu will then appear under each option “Friend List” and “Following”. (See Picture below)

5. Select “Only me” for the friend list and you can do the same for the “Following” option too.

Now your friends list and follow list are not viewable to strangers or your friends.

About Page
At the top of your timeline after you click on your name, click on “About”
Then for each area on the left, you can add privacy options to them as well. Follow these steps in order to do that.
For Work and Education under “work”. Put your mouse pointer over it. You will then see “Options” appear.
1. Click on it, then click “Edit”
2. Down on the bottom left of “Save Changes” button, you will see a drop down menu where you can select who want to see this information.
3. Select any option you want. I have mine selected as “Friends” only.
4. Then after you are done with the changes make sure you select “Save Changes”.
5. Repeat these steps for multiple works you have listed. You can do this for each thing listed such as college and high school too.

Then go to “Places you’ve lived” section and follow these steps
1. For each City and State, put your mouse over it, then an “Edit” will appear.
2. Click on “Edit”
3. Then Select who you want seeing this information.
4. Then click on “Save Changes”.

Repeats this for each city and state you have listed. Be sure you select “Save Changes” else it won’t save.

Contact and Basic Info
Are the same steps you did for Work and Education, so follow those steps. Same goes for Family and Relationships details about you.

Life Events
1. For Life events, you have to click on each one
2. Put your mouse over the title of the event and then click on the arrow on the right, then “Edit”, then select who you want to view it.

Likes, Movies, Books, Music, etc…
Lastly, if when you go check and do a “View as…” again and notice that the sections titled: “Likes”, “Movies”, “Books”, “Music” etc… are all viewable to a stranger you can make those more private it too.
Go into each section in order to edit the privacy, follow these steps:
1. Click on the pencil icon on the right corner of each section.
2. Then select “Edit privacy”
3. Then select from the drop down menu who you want to view this.
4. Then select “Close”.

Repeat this for all sections (Likes, Movies, Books, Music, etc)

After your all finished with all of the edits go back and do a “View As…” to see if everything is more private now.  If you made it more private, congrats. Now it should be very hard for your stalkers or spies to read anything from your profile unless you accept them as a friend on your Facebook profile.

Published by Michelle T

Stepmom for 19 years overall, married for 10 years. I have three of my own children and three stepchildren who are adults now.

15 thoughts on “Protect your Privacy on Facebook

  1. Yes, with social media it's so important to really think about what we are posting. It isn't yours once you post it. You lost all rights. Anyone of your friends can copy your picture or post so think about what you post.


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