StepMom Wins

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There are times in your blended family where your step children will do something, say something, or get you something for you that melts your heart.  When these special moments arise you need to document them in a notebook. Also keep cards, keepsakes, or crafts they made you at school in a folder or box.  As they get older when hard times come, you can look back on these special moments where they melted your heart. When you save these special moments or things it will help you get through those hard and rough times where they may say or do something that is very hurtful to you.  In a stepparent to stepchild relationship there will always be ups and downs, where one minute they love you and worship the ground you walk on, then in the next minute they can’t stand you and don’t want to be around you. When the hard times come all you have to do is open your notebook up and read the special moments you shared with them. When you document the special moments in your notebook be sure that you write down the date of the special moment.
If you don’t have any yet, there’s always still time to create those special moments with them.  Create a special time with them or speak great things into their life.  I remember when my stepdaughter was twelve years old and asked me if she could go with me to get her nails done too.  It made me so happy that she wanted to go and spend time together like that.  Then there were many times she would ask to go run errands with me instead of staying home with her father.  Then there was this time where my stepdaughter made me a jewelry tray out of pottery at school that was Hawaiian themed because she knows how much I love Hawaii. Then there was this time when my stepson was twelve years old and he said that he didn’t want us to get a divorce because he loved our family the way it is.  My stepson when he was in middle school bought me a Christmas tree ornament with his own money at the Christmas shop they had a school, it really touched my heart that he thought of me like that.  It’s so important that you hold onto these special memories somewhere because over time you will forget them.  Then as the stepchildren get older and become teenagers it will not be easy to remember those memories if they are not written down somewhere.  One day when the stepchildren become adults you can show them your notebook along with a box of the special memories as a reminder of everything that happened with them when they were a child. For example, a special moment could be when they first said they loved you or when they first called you Mom.  The time they bought you something on their own for Mother’s Day or the first homemade card or craft that they made for you from school.  Another special time would be when you first took them to a spa and they got their first massage or pedicure.  It could be the first night they asked you to read a story to them instead of their father. 
What are you waiting for? Start today and make your own Stepmom Win notebook. Try to hold onto those positive memories for as long as you can before you forget about them. You’ll be happy you did later on down the road.

Published by Michelle T

Stepmom for 19 years overall, married for 10 years. I have three of my own children and three stepchildren who are adults now.

23 thoughts on “StepMom Wins

  1. This is a great idea not only for stepmoms, but for mothers, for wives, for husbands, for friends. Gratitude for the blessing of loved ones is something we're lacking these days – we see other people as a chore or a hassle all too often in our society, and this post is a great reminder to hold onto and appreciate all the little things.


  2. What great insight. My friend is a step mom of adult children so it's been difficult for her to connect. This is nice that your children are younger and in the house to create a foundation of love and memories.


  3. I think it's important to remember memories as precious as the ones you shared. It's a great idea to keep a notebook or a diary, putting it down on your planner is great too.


  4. Regardless if you're a mom or a step mom, I think it's wonderful to write down beautiful memories of your kids! It's a great way to remember and it's perfect to read when you're feeling a bit down with life.


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