About Michelle

Just a little information from this wicked terrible Step Mother… LOL….  Ok well, I am not wicked or terrible. Anywhoo… I will start off by letting you know I never did well with English in school, so if my grammar is not the greatest, please learn to let it go.

Okay now that I have taken care of that… I am 44 years old. I am married for a third and last time as I like to say.  I have been a Stepmom for 19 years.  I have three children of my own and three stepchildren.

The picture posted on the right is of me and my children are ages 25 (boy), and two girls ages 15 and 14.  I do have a stepdaughter who is now 26 years old that was from my second marriage.  She is pretty wonderful and never had any issues with her when she was growing up.
In my current marriage, I have two step-children: a 22-year-old girl and an 18-year-old boy.  We have been married for 10 years but together for 11 years total. This marriage has been wonderful for the most part, the other part has been challenging only because of the kids and ex-wife.
My Family History
I come from a quite large blended family of 5 half-sisters and 4 half-brothers, one biological brother, and lots of nieces and nephews.  I also have my own Step Mother too.
I have been married two other times, first marriage I had one son. In my second marriage, I had two daughters.  My two ex-husbands and I get along great and co-parent really well.
How I met my Husband
My husband and I met from an online dating website and 2 years after his divorce from his 1st wife. We dated for a year before getting married. My husband’s ex-wife does not co-parent very well with us and is always causing problems.  I can only speculate or guess as to why she acts the way she does is mainly because she has a grudge and bitter feelings towards my husband for divorcing her and wants to see him suffer and hurt like she does.  My pastor once said, “Hurting people, hurt other people”.  I truly believe this is her ultimate goal in life is to make our lives horrible.  She’s done a pretty great job at it for the most part. She has alienated my stepchildren from us multiple times and has fed them a lot of lies in which they believe and because of that, they used to hate us. It does sadden me that things won’t and can’t be different between us and the ex-wife.  But it is what it is and I have learned to accept it and move on and not let it get the best of me or my marriage. I will always pray for her that she changes and that we develop a better relationship with her until then learning to cope with everything she puts us through is very hard on us.
Why did I start this blog?
I started it to have another place where I can vent and get support from other Step Mothers that are out there that may know what I am going through.  I also started it because I think it would be great therapy too. 
Please feel free to add your stories or if you’re seeking advice, please feel free to comment and share it here.  I also created a group on Facebook called: “Stepmoms Are Us”. The group on Facebook is a safe place to vent and get support. There are over 100 Stepmoms in the group right now.  Every day I post daily posts that encourage and uplift one another.
There are more of us out there that struggle with being a Step Mother and sometimes it feels like we are all alone in this. Well, you’re not alone; we can be in this together. After all everyone needs someone, sometime.

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