Know Your Role

Do you really know your role in your blended marriage? Do you know what your limits are? This is something that is very important to discuss with your husband or significant other before you get married or move in together.  I have heard it many times where a Stepmom has overstepped their role and hasContinue reading “Know Your Role”

Should I Attend Sporting or Other Events?

There comes a time when the stepchildren get involved in Sports or other school events and you ask yourself should I be attending these for support? The answer is yes and most definitely encourage your husband to attend even when you can’t attend always make sure you make it possible for the biological parent toContinue reading “Should I Attend Sporting or Other Events?”

Mother’s Day – Stepmothers Are Mothers Too!

Mother’s Day is just right around the corner. It can be a very hard day for us Stepmoms because we are then reminded that we aren’t really our stepchildren’s mother, so we often don’t get recognized or appreciated.  When really we should get recognized, even though we are not their biological mother, we are stillContinue reading “Mother’s Day – Stepmothers Are Mothers Too!”

Did I make a Mistake?

Sometimes when things get hard in our marriage and with our blended family.  We can often ask  ourselves: “Did I make a Mistake?”  Is this marriage worth fighting for? Is this blended family ever going to work? Will we ever become a happy blended family? Is it all worth it?  I know I have askedContinue reading “Did I make a Mistake?”

Affirming Words

It is very important to always look for ways to compliment our children and stepchildren.  Affirming words go a long way with children.  Can you think back of when you were a child, do you remember any affirming words or compliments you received? Did that help encourage you to be the person you are today?Continue reading “Affirming Words”

Co-Parenting with a Toxic Ex – Book Review

This book has really opened my eyes to see where the ex-spouse may be coming from and also showed me what the children are going through when a parent is toxic.  In my own situation, it has helped me learn how to handle my stepchildren better. Helped me understand why they do and say theContinue reading “Co-Parenting with a Toxic Ex – Book Review”

10 Things Stepkids Want & Need to Hear

Here are the top ten things every stepchild would love to hear from their Stepmom or Stepparent. When you do say these things, make sure that you mean what you say and say what you mean.  Always look for opportunities to use affirming words to your stepchildren.  Using affirming words with them makes them feelContinue reading “10 Things Stepkids Want & Need to Hear”

Hard Adjustments

When you first come into a relationship with a man with children it is going to be hard for the children.  They may not like you right away and the reason being is that in their minds they were hoping that their parents would get back together and having you (the stepmom) in the pictureContinue reading “Hard Adjustments”

First Steps

You’re now a new Blended Family.  What do we need to do first to make this blended family a successful and loving one? Here are some important key steps to help you get started in the right direction. I am not going to number them because every new blended family can start at any oneContinue reading “First Steps”


Every family with children should have age appropriate chores for the children to do. Chores teaches them responsibility and how to take care of things.  It will show the children that they belong in the family. It also teaches them that when belonging in a family that everyone needs to share the work load ofContinue reading “Chores”