Great communication is definitely one of the keys to being in a successful blended marriage and family.  A lack of communication in a marriage is a serious problem in many marriages today and we need to overcome it.  Holding things inside really can affect our health.  Serious health problems can result in women who keepContinue reading “Communication”

Depression Hurts

Depression hurts and it affects everything and everyone in your life.  Sometimes it is hard to see it in yourself, but easy to see in others.  It can even make your spouse depressed if the other spouse is suffering from it. It feels like you’re in this long dark tunnel where it feels like there’sContinue reading “Depression Hurts”

11 Things to let go, let God work in me

There are things in my life that I need to focus on getting rid of in order to become the “New Me”. So in continuation of my last post about becoming a “New You” I have created a list of what I want to let go to become the new me. I hope these thingsContinue reading “11 Things to let go, let God work in me”

New Year, New You

I know everyone does New Year’s Resolutions such as trying to lose weight, eat better, save money, etc. However, have you thought about looking into changing you into the “New You”? Sometimes we need a makeover on the inside of us.  A change for the better, for our husbands and for our children and stepContinue reading “New Year, New You”

Baby Steps

Sometimes taking baby steps towards fixing broken relationships with your step kids are a good thing.  Take whatever you can get to restore peace within a blended family.  This past holiday I was filled with a lot of anxiety unsure of how my stepchildren would treat me.  As many of you may know, my stepchildrenContinue reading “Baby Steps”

Pamper Yourself

This post contains affiliate links to help pamper yourself! #stitchfix If you’re like me, you rarely think of yourself and spend most of your time and money on your children, stepchildren, and husband making sure all of their needs are met. We need to think of ourselves more often and take care of our appearance,Continue reading “Pamper Yourself”

Who can be "My Person"

Everyone always needs someone, sometimes. Even more so, when you are a Stepmom trying to avoid being titled “The wicked Stepmother” like in the movie Cinderella. What is hard for us Stepmoms to know is who can we confide in? Who can we pour out our feelings to? How do we know they are theContinue reading “Who can be "My Person"”

The Real Reason

A couple of years ago, we got Christmas wish lists from the older children. I kind of got angry in a way because everything was very expensive which I know usually happens when children become teenagers. We had a budget and most of the items they requested went over the budget we had to spendContinue reading “The Real Reason”

Family Meetings

Family meetings are important to have in a blended family/stepfamily. They really help with strengthening, communication, and family unity.  Family meetings also help encourage to problem solve issues, communicate better, help with decision making and help encourage one another and it really helps you learn how to cooperate with one another in the blended/step family.HowContinue reading “Family Meetings”