Loyalty Conflicts

First thing, Loyalty is a good thing. It tells us who we belong too and plants our feet on solid ground.  Loyalty offers up identity and security in the children and it is what every child needs.  The loyalty our stepchildren have towards their biological parents can be difficult especially when it involves the biologicalContinue reading “Loyalty Conflicts”


There are going to be times where us Stepmoms need to disengage or take a break away from all of the stress, disrespect, toxic ex-wife, toxic relatives or just stepfamily crises.  This doesn’t mean you’re a bad stepmom, this just means you know what’s best for your emotional health.  When necessary it’s great to takeContinue reading “Disengage”


Have you had difficulties with someone before whether it be the ex-wife, ex-husband, friend or a family member that you don’t get along with, where you need to establish boundaries?  To maintain your emotion well-being and to protect your privacy and personal space, there need to be boundaries. For example, maybe your husband has anContinue reading “Boundaries”


Warning the holidays are quickly approaching.  Are they really Happy Holidays for your family or are they difficult? As for me, it’s even harder because not only do I have my own blended family with stepchildren.  I am from a blended family myself.  So the holidays are very hard on me trying to make sureContinue reading “Holidays”


To forgive or not to forgive, which one will you choose to do? Don’t you want that sense of freedom of not feeling like you’re in a jail cell? When you chose to not to forgive someone, it’s like you’re in a jail cell without any parole.  When you chose to forgive, you’re escaping theContinue reading “Forgiveness”

1:1 Time with Dad

One of the best things you could ever do as a Stepmom is to make sure your husband gets 1:1 time with his children. The reason being it is important that your husband gets that quality time with his children.  It’s also really important to tell the stepchildren verbally that “I will never get inContinue reading “1:1 Time with Dad”

Discipline Stepchildren

For any new blended marriage, I would recommend not getting involved with the disciplining of your stepchildren within the first couple of years into the relationship; leave that to your husband.  The reason why I am saying is, is because the stepchildren need to respect and trust you in their life. The stepchildren need timeContinue reading “Discipline Stepchildren”


When you first got married to your husband, did you have expectations of how your blended family would be? When I got married to my husband, I had some expectations that weren’t said out loud, but they were in my mind. Some of my expectations were: That all of the children would get along andContinue reading “Expectations”