They are Family Too

I have been married for ten years now but together for 12 years and my mother still doesn’t treat my step kids like they are part of the family. Meaning around the holidays or their birthdays she never buys them anything or even sends a card. However, my Father, on the other hand, recognizes themContinue reading “They are Family Too”

The Perfect Mom

There is no such thing as a Perfect Mom unless it is in the movie world.  I am not a perfect Stepmom! Are you surprised? Well to the biological mother, us Stepmoms are never perfect or the best Stepmom to their children. Yes, I admit I am not a perfect Stepmom but the stepchildren aren’tContinue reading “The Perfect Mom”

Baby Steps

Sometimes taking baby steps towards fixing broken relationships with your step kids are a good thing.  Take whatever you can get to restore peace within a blended family.  This past holiday I was filled with a lot of anxiety unsure of how my stepchildren would treat me.  As many of you may know, my stepchildrenContinue reading “Baby Steps”

Family Meetings

Family meetings are important to have in a blended family/stepfamily. They really help with strengthening, communication, and family unity.  Family meetings also help encourage to problem solve issues, communicate better, help with decision making and help encourage one another and it really helps you learn how to cooperate with one another in the blended/step family.HowContinue reading “Family Meetings”


 If someone would have told me six years ago that I and my ex-husband would get along and become friends and work together as a co-parenting team, I would have told them they are crazy and that he is too bitter to do that.  Well, it did happen and I am so grateful it didContinue reading “Co-Parenting”

Things to Avoid

When you become a stepmom it is hard to know how to treat your stepchildren. Sometimes it can be very stressful. There are certain things though that should never be said or done no matter what because it leaves permanent scars that every stepchild will remember forever.  Try to always keep the relationship positive andContinue reading “Things to Avoid”

How to Talk to Him

Do you ever notice how our husbands get so defensive when we have a question or discussion about their children? Then all of a sudden it’s an all-out war? Did you ever take the time to think about how you might approach the question or discussion differently? My husband and I have gotten into manyContinue reading “How to Talk to Him”

Guilt Parenting

(Collins 2004) Guilt Parenting can also be called Guilt Father Syndrome where the Father feels guilty about the divorce and feeling bad for what his children may be going through.  It’s much worse for a Father if he was the one that filed for the divorce.  The most pain the Father feels after a divorceContinue reading “Guilt Parenting”

Being a Stepmom

When we were a little girl, playing with our dolls or barbies, we didn’t think to ourselves “When I get older I want to become a Stepmom and take care of children who hate me for marrying their Dad”.  We often thought that we would marry a Prince and that we would have two childrenContinue reading “Being a Stepmom”


There are going to be times where us Stepmoms need to disengage or take a break away from all of the stress, disrespect, toxic ex-wife, toxic relatives or just stepfamily crises.  This doesn’t mean you’re a bad stepmom, this just means you know what’s best for your emotional health.  When necessary it’s great to takeContinue reading “Disengage”