Have you had difficulties with someone before whether it be the ex-wife, ex-husband, friend or a family member that you don’t get along with, where you need to establish boundaries?  To maintain your emotion well-being and to protect your privacy and personal space, there need to be boundaries. For example, maybe your husband has anContinue reading “Boundaries”


Warning the holidays are quickly approaching.  Are they really Happy Holidays for your family or are they difficult? As for me, it’s even harder because not only do I have my own blended family with stepchildren.  I am from a blended family myself.  So the holidays are very hard on me trying to make sureContinue reading “Holidays”

1:1 Time with Dad

One of the best things you could ever do as a Stepmom is to make sure your husband gets 1:1 time with his children. The reason being it is important that your husband gets that quality time with his children.  It’s also really important to tell the stepchildren verbally that “I will never get inContinue reading “1:1 Time with Dad”

Discipline Stepchildren

For any new blended marriage, I would recommend not getting involved with the disciplining of your stepchildren within the first couple of years into the relationship; leave that to your husband.  The reason why I am saying is, is because the stepchildren need to respect and trust you in their life. The stepchildren need timeContinue reading “Discipline Stepchildren”

The Other Woman

Okay, I know you are probably wondering who is the other woman.  Who can she be referring too? The other woman in your marriage is your husband’s ex-wife. Early on in my marriage there were a lot of times where I felt like he is still married to his ex-wife.  Because whenever she called toContinue reading “The Other Woman”

The Smart Stepmom

There are very few books out there right now for blended families or that relates to being a stepmother, however, there is a really great book out there that I highly recommend for all Step Mothers, it is called, “The Smart Stepmom” by Ron L. Deal and Laura Petherbridge.  The book is wonderful for allContinue reading “The Smart Stepmom”

Dating your Husband

If you haven’t already, been doing this… you need to make your marriage your main Priority. Each of you needs to put each other first before the children and stepchildren. It’s important to get out at least once a week and have a date night with one another. In order to build a strong solidContinue reading “Dating your Husband”

Photo Drama Anyone?

Just recently, my husband got an interesting text from my step daughter asking him to remove a picture off of a website.  He didn’t understand what she was referring to, so he called her and she said she wanted the family photo with her in it taken off of my business website.  A little backgroundContinue reading “Photo Drama Anyone?”