The Fun Box

Have you ever wondered, what should we do with the kids this weekend? We often struggled with this every kid weekend. At first we did movie night on Friday nights with popcorn, but then that got boring after awhile.  Then we did family game night on Saturday nights, which was fun, but that to gotContinue reading “The Fun Box”

Top 14 Mistakes a Stepmom can make

1. You don’t make your marriage a priority It is very important that you go on dates as a couple at least once a week. It also shows all of the children that you value each other too.  Your spouse should always come first before all of the step or biological children.  After all theContinue reading “Top 14 Mistakes a Stepmom can make”

Sweet Sixteen Birthday

The special cake we ordered for her special day About eight months before my stepdaughter’s sweet 16th birthday.  I decided I wanted to do something very special for it.  I first asked my husband if it was ok, to throw a big party for her even though we were already in the process of havingContinue reading “Sweet Sixteen Birthday”

1:1 Time

Invest your time with your stepdaughter.  Meaning go out and do things with her 1:1. But only do it if she’s already doing 1:1 things with her father.  It’s important that 1:1 time is spent with her father first on occasion before you do 1:1 things with her. I started spending time with my stepdaughterContinue reading “1:1 Time”

Tattle Phone

My stepdaughter got her first phone from the ex-wife when she was 11 years old.  The first few years of her having a phone were awful.  Only because any and everytime she was not happy with something we did or said, she would call or text her Mom and let her know.  Then my husbandContinue reading “Tattle Phone”

Vacation Drama

The Cabin we stayed at in Gatlinburg The view from our deck overlooking the Smokey Mountains We decided to take all of the kids on a week’s vacation to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  Everything seemed to go good but then on the second day of vacation I can tell things were starting to go wrong. When weContinue reading “Vacation Drama”