Know Your Role

Do you really know your role in your blended marriage? Do you know what your limits are? This is something that is very important to discuss with your husband or significant other before you get married or move in together.  I have heard it many times where a Stepmom has overstepped their role and hasContinue reading “Know Your Role”


I was just 10 years old when I became a stepdaughter and my brother was just 7 years old.  Growing up was very difficult for a lot of reasons.  When my parents got divorced, it was very hard on me and my brother because it was an awful divorce with many court hearings between myContinue reading “Stepdaughter”

Letting Go

We all have someone we do not mesh well with. We all get hurt from time to time from people we love too.  It’s even harder when it’s your husband’s ex-wife or when it’s your stepchildren.  We need to learn that letting go of the hatred, hurt, resentment and unforgiveness is learning how to freeContinue reading “Letting Go”


Great communication is definitely one of the keys to being in a successful blended marriage and family.  A lack of communication in a marriage is a serious problem in many marriages today and we need to overcome it.  Holding things inside really can affect our health.  Serious health problems can result in women who keepContinue reading “Communication”

11 Things to let go, let God work in me

There are things in my life that I need to focus on getting rid of in order to become the “New Me”. So in continuation of my last post about becoming a “New You” I have created a list of what I want to let go to become the new me. I hope these thingsContinue reading “11 Things to let go, let God work in me”

The Real Reason

A couple of years ago, we got Christmas wish lists from the older children. I kind of got angry in a way because everything was very expensive which I know usually happens when children become teenagers. We had a budget and most of the items they requested went over the budget we had to spendContinue reading “The Real Reason”

Money This time of the year is always hard on any family yet alone a blended family as far as money is concerned.  Yet, it is important to talk about and it’s usually the second thing most blended families argue about the most. The first thing is about the kids, the second is money andContinue reading “Money”

How to Talk to Him

Do you ever notice how our husbands get so defensive when we have a question or discussion about their children? Then all of a sudden it’s an all-out war? Did you ever take the time to think about how you might approach the question or discussion differently? My husband and I have gotten into manyContinue reading “How to Talk to Him”