Guilt Parenting

(Collins 2004) Guilt Parenting can also be called Guilt Father Syndrome where the Father feels guilty about the divorce and feeling bad for what his children may be going through.  It’s much worse for a Father if he was the one that filed for the divorce.  The most pain the Father feels after a divorceContinue reading “Guilt Parenting”

Chosen Love

A chosen love is a special love that you develop over time with your stepchildren.  It’s not like the love you have for your biological children, but it doesn’t make it any less strong.  Because let’s face it falling in love with our husband was easy, but loving children that we didn’t give birth toContinue reading “Chosen Love”

Outsider Looking In

Have you ever felt like you’re an outsider in your own home? In the past, I have felt this way many times on the kid weekends. There were nights where I felt like I didn’t belong, felt like I didn’t exist even with my own kids in the mix with my stepchildren and husband.  ItContinue reading “Outsider Looking In”

The Smart Stepmom

There are very few books out there right now for blended families or that relates to being a stepmother, however, there is a really great book out there that I highly recommend for all Step Mothers, it is called, “The Smart Stepmom” by Ron L. Deal and Laura Petherbridge.  The book is wonderful for allContinue reading “The Smart Stepmom”

Dating your Husband

If you haven’t already, been doing this… you need to make your marriage your main Priority. Each of you needs to put each other first before the children and stepchildren. It’s important to get out at least once a week and have a date night with one another. In order to build a strong solidContinue reading “Dating your Husband”


I bet you’re wondering what does PAS mean?  It stands for Parent Alienation Syndrome.  It occurs when one parent brainwashes the child or children with the combination of the child’s own bad-mouthing the other parent. Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot we can do to fight against it legally. There are ways to find outContinue reading “PAS”

The Fun Box

Have you ever wondered, what should we do with the kids this weekend? We often struggled with this every kid weekend. At first we did movie night on Friday nights with popcorn, but then that got boring after awhile.  Then we did family game night on Saturday nights, which was fun, but that to gotContinue reading “The Fun Box”

Photo Drama Anyone?

Just recently, my husband got an interesting text from my step daughter asking him to remove a picture off of a website.  He didn’t understand what she was referring to, so he called her and she said she wanted the family photo with her in it taken off of my business website.  A little backgroundContinue reading “Photo Drama Anyone?”

Tattle Phone

My stepdaughter got her first phone from the ex-wife when she was 11 years old.  The first few years of her having a phone were awful.  Only because any and everytime she was not happy with something we did or said, she would call or text her Mom and let her know.  Then my husbandContinue reading “Tattle Phone”