Mother’s Day – Stepmothers Are Mothers Too!

Mother’s Day is just right around the corner. It can be a very hard day for us Stepmoms because we are then reminded that we aren’t really our stepchildren’s mother, so we often don’t get recognized or appreciated.  When really we should get recognized, even though we are not their biological mother, we are stillContinue reading “Mother’s Day – Stepmothers Are Mothers Too!”

Bumps in the Road

The first five years of a blended family can be very hard.  There are going to be a few bumps in the road.  The bumps in the road are what make you stronger.  It’s even harder for a blended family if you a difficult ex especially one who shows signs of PAS (Parental Alienation Syndrome). Continue reading “Bumps in the Road”


Great communication is definitely one of the keys to being in a successful blended marriage and family.  A lack of communication in a marriage is a serious problem in many marriages today and we need to overcome it.  Holding things inside really can affect our health.  Serious health problems can result in women who keepContinue reading “Communication”

Depression Hurts

Depression hurts and it affects everything and everyone in your life.  Sometimes it is hard to see it in yourself, but easy to see in others.  It can even make your spouse depressed if the other spouse is suffering from it. It feels like you’re in this long dark tunnel where it feels like there’sContinue reading “Depression Hurts”

Document Everything!

If you have an ex-spouse that is difficult and is a court acholic (meaning takes you to court over every little thing) you need to document everything.  You need to protect yourself and protect your custody arrangements. Having everything in writing is better so that there is proof in case you ever need it inContinue reading “Document Everything!”

Being a Stepmom

When we were a little girl, playing with our dolls or barbies, we didn’t think to ourselves “When I get older I want to become a Stepmom and take care of children who hate me for marrying their Dad”.  We often thought that we would marry a Prince and that we would have two childrenContinue reading “Being a Stepmom”


There are going to be times where us Stepmoms need to disengage or take a break away from all of the stress, disrespect, toxic ex-wife, toxic relatives or just stepfamily crises.  This doesn’t mean you’re a bad stepmom, this just means you know what’s best for your emotional health.  When necessary it’s great to takeContinue reading “Disengage”